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Our Team of Licensed Massage Therapists

Sky, Aqua, Kim, Bri

Ana,BillieJean, Kim, Aqua, Bri

We are a team of strong and caring therapists, meet us all on dry land  and or in our private liquid retreat! 

Water-Chi (Watzu) Techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Water-Chi sessions the same?

No, each session is unique for each client.  The practitioner utilizes a wide variety of moves and stretches. The sessions are uniquely tailored to the individuals needs.

What does Water-Chi actually feel like?

Again, each session is unique to the individual, but people have described it as water ballet, as a dream-like state, as floating, as flying, as being in an altered state of consciousness. For each person who has experienced Water-Chi, each session is likely to vary immensely. This is largely because Water-Chi is a holistic therapy, integrating mind, body and spirit as a release of blocked emotions.

Is Water-Chi a type of therapy that can be utilized for pregnant women and children?

Absolutely! In fact, the effects of Water-Chi, just like Watsu are known to reduce low back tension and sooth away pain and stiffness. As a pregnant woman is gently moved through the warm water, it aligns her body both inward and outward. The effects of water on children are both soothing and healing as a child is brought to a more natural state of being. It is especially beneficial for use in children with hyperactivity ADD or other neurological imbalances in restoring their balance.

What temperature is the water?

95-97 degrees Fahrenheit, like warm bath water and up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter.  We adjust the temperature to create a perfect Waterfeel experience  regardless of weather conditions.

What should I wear and bring?

A comfortable swimwear and sunglasses.  You may use an SPF to protect your skin.  Towels are provided.

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