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Water Massage Treatment for Phoenix, AZ

Combine a soothing massage with the relaxation a warm pool brings and you have Water-Chi. This unique water massage therapy creates a relaxing environment that allows you to find even more pain and stress relief than a normal massage. Come to Waterfeel in Phoenix, AZ, today to experience this water treatment for yourself.

What Is Water-Chi?

During your Water-Chi session, you are in a heated pool (around 97 degrees) and supported by your practitioner the whole time, so you don’t have to worry if you can’t swim or have a fear of water. While the practitioner cradles you, they stretch and put pressure on your muscles to relieve tension and stress. Throughout the whole massage, your face is kept above water.

Why Choose Water-Chi?

Our patented water massage treatment provides all the benefits of a regular massage while also providing additional benefits. When you float, you remove the weight and pressure from your joints and muscles, allowing more movement and better stretches. This is especially true for your spinal vertebrae — where a lot of people experience pain.

Our founder, Emma Caumont, created this treatment. She’s experienced in martial arts, which she has used to incorporate meaningful stretches and movements designed for optimum stress and pain relief. Water-Chi combines Zen Shiatsu and water movements to create synergy around the participant.

Who Are We?

Waterfeel is an experienced massage therapy center in Phoenix, AZ, that has provided quality massage treatment for 15 years. On top of our one-of-a-kind water massage therapy, we also offer a variety of other massage options like Shiatsu, Swedish, hot stones, and lymphatic. You can find our full massage services on our massages page.

If you’re ready to try a new kind of massage to improve your body and mind, call us at (480) 888-5521 for a unique massage experience.